CATSS is a non-profit organization in Oberlin, Ohio, with a mission of preventing births of stray cats, while improving the lives of those cats who have no home. The donation-funded, volunteer-operated organization's primary purpose, among other activities, is to keep the feral cat populations under control through a system of trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) local feral cats to their original locations while providing ongoing care to them.
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Adoption January 2015

Oreo was adopted. Good luck to Oreo in his new forever home.

Winter Is Here And Difficult For Feral Cats

Another call today from a caring person (not in Oberlin) worried about the feral cats in their neighborhood and wanting someone to "take them in" out of the cold. We have no shelter. CATSS (in the Oberlin area) and other groups (in other areas) can help you trap, neuter, and then return them to the neighborhood where they can live out their lives without reproducing or spreading diseases.

CATSS Annual Newsletter 2013

Please find attached the annual newsletter for CATSS

April Adoptions 2013

Great News for April 2013 Adoptions
Xena has found her forever home
Kittens: Butterbean and Brandy have also found their home. Good luck little ones!

Kitten Season Is Here!

Kitten Season officially arrived with a call from the west side of Oberlin.

Four kittens were born outside in the cold. Two had perished and two were clinging to life. Of course, CATSS came to the rescue and picked up the two tiny babies. First order of business was to get them warm. An incubator/aquarium lined with heating pads and towels provided warmth under the watchful eye of our Foster Mum, Liz. The chances of kittens born under these circumstances are not good, but by some miracle, one survived and is thriving.

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August Adoptions!

Pebbles, Peaches, Tess, Suzie, Oliver, Monster and Spooky have all been adopted for the month of August! Be sure to check out our adoptable kittens at the Ginko Gallery in downtown Oberlin as well as our adult cats at the Elyria Petsmart!

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July Adoptions!

Quinn, Rizzo, Juliet, Xena, Venus, Winston, Sally, Silas, Rosco, Pumpkin, Simon, Goose, Emerson, Elliot, Gabriel, Samantha and Ulysses have been adopted for the month of July! Be sure to check out our adoptable kittens at the Ginko Gallery in downtown Oberlin as well as our adult cats at the Elyria Petsmart!

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June Adoptions!

Freesia, Gavin, Ilse, Galena, Ike, Ket, Pretzel, Querida, Barnabas Collins, Siamese, Maybeline, Hollywood, Kuda, Emily, Hogan and Fiona have been adopted for the month of June!

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Come help CATSS celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Did you know CATSS has been around for 10 years? That's pretty amazing news and we have very good reasons to celebrate. You, our foster homes, our trappers, our volunteers all make this organization work! Come celebrate with us and says farewell to some very important people. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 23rd and join us 6 pm - 8 pm at the Oberlin Public Library

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May Adoptions!

Baby, Clove, Kitten from the C litter 2, Kitten from the C litter 3, Donovan, Fawn, Fonzie, Flicka, Galena, Maya, Hazel, Inkspot, Indigo and Jupiter have been adopted for the month of May!

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