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Be A Foster Parent!

"We love fostering for CATSS. The support they have given us is impressive. It means a lot to be able to help these animals find a forever home. We especially love helping with the litters of kittens - all the joy of cuddling them and watching them play and then off they go to their new homes."

-Kelley and Nick


What is a foster family?

A foster family provides a temporary home for kittens, cats, or other animals in need.


The length of fostering can vary from a few days to several months depending on the amount of care or behavioral modification that is needed.


You will provide an animal a second chance at finding a home while receiving the love and attention from the animal you nurture.


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For questions, please email us at


Does your living space allow pets?​​​
What is your home environment like?
Are your current pets spayed & neutered?
How long are you away from home daily?
What about vacations?
Thinking of fostering? 
Here are a few things to consider

Fostering cats from CATSS has been such a valuable and rewarding experience for my family...Letting them go of course can be a little tough, but knowing we helped make them into social and delightful cats who will love and be loved in new homes makes it all worth it. 


Foster parent to Gabriel, Michelangelo, Isadora, & Jackie

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