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Become A Volunteer!

CATSS recruits volunteers directly from the Oberlin community, and surrounding areas. Our cats and kittens greatly depend on your love and care. You can be involved in many areas from trapping, to cleaning, to transporting, to fundraising, to entertaining kittens during play time.

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization. There are no paid staff. Volunteers put the "community" in Community Action to Save Strays!

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Volunteers clean and sterilize cages, scoop litter, sweep and vacuum holding areas, do laundry, and wash dishes. It is crucial that we provide cats in our care with a clean environment!

Secretarial Tasks

Volunteers answer the phone, research and write policies and procedures, organize data and records, research and write grants, and keep financial records.

High-Mobility Tasks

Volunteers trap feral cats in various areas of Oberlin and transport cats to vet appointments or adoption areas. Access and ability to drive a vehicle are most helpful for these tasks. 

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Volunteers cuddle and play with semi-feral cats and kittens in order to help them be adoptable. 


Volunteers educate the public about feral cats, strays, and spaying/neutering, photograph and publicize adoptable cats needing homes, help with fundraising ideas or events, and recruit other volunteers. 

Board of Trustees

Volunteers may apply to serve on the CATSS Board of Trustees! 

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Volunteer Tasks

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